Heavy duty machines and equipment for lifting & handling cargo – general, bulk, container, suitable for heavy industry.
Overhead Cranes of any kind (special, double girder, single girder, monorail, gantry etc., wire rope hoists, chain hoists, hand chain blocks etc., by KITO Japan
Bulk material handling systems, conveying systems, loading / unloading systems, stockyard systems for cereal, mineral, metallurgical industry, cement industry, etc.
Mechanical equipment for cleaning of large size buildings, warehouses and terminals.
Reputable global manufacturers that are leading new technology and design trends.
Equipment of latest technology with proven productivity, reliability and safety in numerous applications and installations worldwide.
All machines and equipment comply with the applicable quality and safety standards and are delivered with all required certificates.
Our machines are delivered with the necessary Type Approval and Authorities’ Registration where applicable.
Complete technical support and spare parts.


Heavy Industry


Overhead cranes – chain hoists – chain hand blocks by KITO Japan